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Celtic spirituality used the clockwise spiral to symbolize the “Soul”.  Spiraling inward to the center where the heart is found.   Many actually view the heart as the soul.   Working from the heart we will always work with Love.

Native American spirituality uses the symbol of the whale to represent “Song” since whales speak to each other over miles with their unique songs.

Thus the combination of the spiral and the whale flute symbolize “Soul Song”, the true reason we are here, our true purpose in life.

We each come into this world with a soul purpose, or what I like to call a“soul song”.   


What's Special About My Work?

Together we will strive to get to empower youto reconnect with the authentic expression of your soul and experience true JOY.   This work is very interactive, holistic, and heart centered as you discover your inner truth because the greatest gift you have is giving voice to your truth.  You will be exploring through intuition, meditation, and discussion how you can serve yourself and others for your highest and best good.

This can be accomplished through:


Creation :

 get in touch with your authentic self and allow for healing.


  get in touch with your spiritual base and start to live the life you envision.



   focus on  "being" as opposed to "doing".

About Soul Song

We each come into this world with a soul purpose or what I like to call a  “soul song”.    How do I know that?  I have seen it.  For over 30 years I have been honored as a practicing pediatrician to see many children born into this world and I have gazed into their eyes as they take in their first view of life.  What I have seen is clarity, trust, and knowing, the certainty of why they are here.  We all know our soul song when we arrive, it is reflected in our eyes.

Time and life flow forward and slowly our song is washed away and replaced by other messages that begin to make us doubt our original knowing.   Soon the light that was present at birth slowly fades as we begin to take on the thoughts and impressions of others until eventually we no longer hear our song.

We start to assume roles others assign or we somehow feel we must take on to succeed or even survive.   This goes on for years and after these roles have long out-served us we continue because they are comfortable in their familiarity.  We spend our entire life doing and being for everyone else and loose our authentic self; our soul song.

The journey back to my authentic self is one that I have been working on for years and have learned some valuable lessons along the way. The combination of spirituality and creativity has led to my healing.  That healing has allowed me to access my authenticity.  It is the authentic expression of our souls that leads us to experience true joy.

If you are ready to reconnect and listen to the song that is still in your soul and are eager to re-experience true joy, I would be honored to work with you to re-explore it.   My passion is to create a space for healing conversation.  It is never too late to listen to your soul song and follow it’s message.  It is after all why you came.


About Teresa 


My Credentials 

I have many credentials from my life experience and profession including having been a registered nurse and now an MD specializing for the last 30 years in pediatrics.  During my professional career, I have found myself often in the position of needing to coach patients, parents, and families with situations that were not always just medical in nature.     To be truly helpful to my patients I sought further expertise in counseling by enrolling in the 9 month Holistic Life Coaching Program through the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching.  I graduated with  certification in Holistic Life Coaching and intend to take ongoing advanced training in this program as well.

What is a holistic approach to life

The holistic approach looks at mind, body, spirit as one and combines the emotional, mental,  spiritual, and physical elements.  Using this process facilitates you to connect with your own inner wisdom and allows you to tap into your authentic self and thus remember your Soul Song.

Together we can explore any issues, questions, or problems you are currently struggling with and would like to work on.   All sessions are totally confidential and non-judgemental.  I will help you work through developing action steps you can use and I can suggest books or videos to help you move forward.


Who I Coach

I coach women who are committed to discovering their personal journey and are seeking a stronger personal and spiritual direction in their lives.   Life brings us through many transitions (career/health/relationships) and I enjoy working with women who want to embrace transitions with authenticity and joy.



Holistic Life Coaching

A holistic life coach is a partner with the client, meeting them in the present, right where they are now, and strategizing with them for possible action steps.

Angel Card Readings

By tapping into Angelic presence, these readings help to guide  you toward your best life with insights and confidence in your decisions. 


Workshops are designed to help you reconnect with the authentic expression of your soul, discover your inner truth, and more.